Future of your human resource management dissertation

One of the main problems students experience when it comes to writing their recruitment and selection dissertation is choosing a topic to write about. Being stuck behind this hurdle can cause massive delays in starting your project. To avoid this, we have come up with some fantastic topics to assist you in making your decision.

  1. How has human resource management contributed to the growth of businesses?
  2. Discuss why flexibility is important in the work place for maintaining a good work home balance?
  3. What is responsible for employee satisfaction and employee dissatisfaction in the workplace?
  4. What role does the human resources department play in successful organizational change.
  5. What are the critical factors that affect employee retention?
  6. What strategies can the human resources department use to reduce high employee turnover?
  7. How should the human resources department handle minor employee errors that have major financial consequences?
  8. How important is job satisfaction within multi-national corporations?
  9. Analyze the relationship team work and staff motivation?
  10. What role does the human resources department play in mergers and acquisitions?

Once you have decided on a topic for your dissertation you will then have to write a research proposal and start working on your project. Here is some advice to ensure that your dissertation is a success:

  • Don’t procrastinate: Start working on your dissertation immediately. Many students make the mistake of leaving their project until the last minute. If you want a good grade this is not something that you should do. You have 12 months to complete your dissertation, this might sound like a long time but it goes very quickly and before you know it your due date is around the corner.
  • Spend time with your supervisor: Your supervisor should become your best friend whilst you are writing your dissertation. They have a full understanding of what is required for you to get a good grade and the more you see them the more advice they will be able to give you.
  • Stop socializing: Your weekends should be spent focusing on your dissertation and not hanging out with friends. You are going to need to dedicate all of your time and attention into writing your project and so you are going to have to make sacrifices.