Inspecting documents while working on a real estate dissertation

Your dissertation is the most important piece of work you are going to have to do during your academic career. It accounts for a high percentage of your final grade which is why it is essential that you get a good grade for it. When working on your built environment dissertation you should take the following steps to ensure that your dissertation for masters degree is a success.

  • Don’t procrastinate: The majority of students wait until the last minute to write their dissertation and then get stressed out trying to meet the deadline. If you want to get a good grade you are going to have to start writing as soon as you are given the project. There is so much to a dissertation that you can never truly do it justice by leaving it until the end.
  • Choosing your topic: Depending on your level of study you are going to have to write anywhere between 10,000 to 100,000 words. When you are choosing your topic make sure that it is one that you are very interested in or you will find it difficult to write a dissertation on a subject that you find boring.
  • Get organized: Where ever you are going to study make sure that it is clean and tidy. You should have everything that you need in your study area. You should also write out a timetable and place it in a location where you will be able to see it daily. Your dissertation is not the only project you will be working on throughout the year, you need to make sure that you get everything done but that the majority of your time is spent working on your dissertation.
  • Read: Although you should be reading all throughout the year, you are going to have to do a lot more reading than normal when it comes to writing your dissertation. You should spend more time reading academic journals, newspapers and books related to the subject you have chosen to research.
  • See your supervisor often: A lot of students make the mistake of seeing their dissertation supervisor two or three times throughout the year. This is not a good idea; your supervisor is there to guide and advise you throughout the dissertation writing process. They know how you need to write your dissertation in order to get a good grade. The more you see them, the more they will be able to lead you in the right direction.
  • Limit your socializing: You only have one year to complete your dissertation. It is such a large project that you need to put all of your time, attention and energy into it. Going out with friends should be on the bottom of your priorities list.